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components::DynamicConfigFallbacks Class Referencefinal

Component that setup runtime configs based on fallbacks from file. More...

#include <userver/dynamic_config/fallbacks/component.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 DynamicConfigFallbacks (const ComponentConfig &, const ComponentContext &)
- Public Member Functions inherited from components::LoggableComponentBase
 LoggableComponentBase (const ComponentConfig &, const ComponentContext &)
 LoggableComponentBase (LoggableComponentBase &&)=delete
 LoggableComponentBase (const LoggableComponentBase &)=delete
 ~LoggableComponentBase () override=default
ComponentHealth GetComponentHealth () const override
void OnLoadingCancelled () override
void OnAllComponentsLoaded () override
void OnAllComponentsAreStopping () override

Static Public Member Functions

static yaml_config::Schema GetStaticConfigSchema ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from components::LoggableComponentBase
static yaml_config::Schema GetStaticConfigSchema ()

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr std::string_view kName = "dynamic-config-fallbacks"
 The default name of components::DynamicConfigFallbacks.

Detailed Description

Component that setup runtime configs based on fallbacks from file.

Static options:

Name Description Default value
updates-sink name of the component derived from components::DynamicConfigUpdatesSinkBase to be used for storing fallback config dynamic-config
fallback-path a path to the fallback config -
overrides-path a path to the file containing overrides for a subset of fallback config parameters -

If you use this component, you have to disable loading of other updaters (like DynamicConfigClientUpdater) as there must be only a single component that sets config values.

Static configuration example:

# yaml
fallback-path: $runtime_config_path

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