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tracing Namespace Reference

Opentracing support. More...


class  InPlaceSpan
 Avoids an extra allocation by storing tracing::Span data in-place. More...
class  ScopeTime
 Type to measure execution time of a scope. More...
class  Span
 Measures the execution time of the current code block, links it with the parent tracing::Spans and stores that info in the log. More...
class  Tracer


using TracerPtr = std::shared_ptr< Tracer >


enum class  ReferenceType {
  kChild ,


TracerPtr MakeNoopTracer (const std::string &service_name)
logging::LoggerPtr OpentracingLogger ()
 Returns opentracing logger.
void SetOpentracingLogger (logging::LoggerPtr)
 Atomically replaces span logger.
void SetThrottleReason (std::string value)
 Sets a Span tag with overload reason.
void SetThrottleReason (Span &span, std::string &&value)
logging::LogHelperoperator<< (logging::LogHelper &lh, const Span &span)


const std::string kType
const std::string kHttpUrl
const std::string kHttpMetaType
const std::string kHttpMethod
const std::string kHttpStatusCode
const std::string kAttempts
const std::string kMaxAttempts
const std::string kTimeoutMs
const std::string kErrorFlag
const std::string kErrorMessage
const std::string kDatabaseType
const std::string kDatabaseMongoType
const std::string kDatabasePostgresType
const std::string kDatabaseRedisType
const std::string kDatabaseCollection
const std::string kDatabaseInstance
const std::string kDatabaseStatement
const std::string kDatabaseStatementName
const std::string kDatabaseStatementDescription
const std::string kPeerAddress

Detailed Description

Opentracing support.

Typedef Documentation

◆ TracerPtr

using tracing::TracerPtr = typedef std::shared_ptr<Tracer>

Definition at line 12 of file tracer_fwd.hpp.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ ReferenceType

enum class tracing::ReferenceType

Definition at line 9 of file tracer_fwd.hpp.