userver: utils::statistics::Storage Class Reference
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utils::statistics::Storage Class Referencefinal

#include <userver/utils/statistics/storage.hpp>

Detailed Description

Storage of metrics, usually retrieved from components::StatisticsStorage.

See utils::statistics::Writer for an information on how to write metrics.

Definition at line 120 of file storage.hpp.

Public Member Functions

 Storage (const Storage &)=delete
formats::json::Value GetAsJson () const
void VisitMetrics (BaseFormatBuilder &out, const Request &request={}) const
 Visits all the metrics and calls out.HandleMetric for each metric.
Entry RegisterWriter (std::string common_prefix, WriterFunc func, std::vector< Label > add_labels={})
 Add a writer function. Note that func is called concurrently with other code, so it should be thread\coroutine safe.
Entry RegisterExtender (std::string prefix, ExtenderFunc func)
void UnregisterExtender (impl::StorageIterator iterator, impl::UnregisteringKind kind) noexcept

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetAsJson()

formats::json::Value utils::statistics::Storage::GetAsJson ( ) const

Creates new Json::Value and calls every deprecated registered extender func over it.

Use VisitMetrics instead.

◆ RegisterExtender()

Entry utils::statistics::Storage::RegisterExtender ( std::string prefix,
ExtenderFunc func )
Use RegisterWriter instead.

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