userver: storages::postgres::TransactionOptions Struct Reference
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storages::postgres::TransactionOptions Struct Reference

#include <userver/storages/postgres/options.hpp>

Detailed Description

PostgreSQL transaction options.

A transaction can be started using all isolation levels and modes supported by PostgreSQL server as specified in it's documentation.

Default isolation level is READ COMMITTED, default mode is READ WRITE.

// Read-write read committed transaction.

Transaction class provides constants Transaction::RW, Transaction::RO and Transaction::Deferrable for convenience.

Other variants can be created with TransactionOptions constructors that are constexpr.

See also

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Public Types

enum  Mode {
  kReadWrite = 0 ,
  kReadOnly = 1 ,
  kDeferrable = 3

Public Member Functions

constexpr TransactionOptions (IsolationLevel lvl)
constexpr TransactionOptions (IsolationLevel lvl, Mode m)
constexpr TransactionOptions (Mode m)
bool IsReadOnly () const

Static Public Member Functions

static constexpr TransactionOptions Deferrable ()

Public Attributes

IsolationLevel isolation_level = IsolationLevel::kReadCommitted
Mode mode = kReadWrite

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Mode

[Transaction modes]


Deferrable transaction is read only.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TransactionOptions() [1/3]

constexpr storages::postgres::TransactionOptions::TransactionOptions ( IsolationLevel lvl)

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◆ TransactionOptions() [2/3]

constexpr storages::postgres::TransactionOptions::TransactionOptions ( IsolationLevel lvl,
Mode m )

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◆ TransactionOptions() [3/3]

constexpr storages::postgres::TransactionOptions::TransactionOptions ( Mode m)

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Member Function Documentation

◆ Deferrable()

static constexpr TransactionOptions storages::postgres::TransactionOptions::Deferrable ( )

The deferrable property has effect only if the transaction is also serializable and read only

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◆ IsReadOnly()

bool storages::postgres::TransactionOptions::IsReadOnly ( ) const

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Member Data Documentation

◆ isolation_level

IsolationLevel storages::postgres::TransactionOptions::isolation_level = IsolationLevel::kReadCommitted

[Transaction modes]

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◆ mode

Mode storages::postgres::TransactionOptions::mode = kReadWrite

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