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storages::postgres::Message Class Reference

Detailed Description

Definition at line 18 of file message.hpp.

Public Types

enum class  Severity {
  kLog ,
  kDebug ,
  kInfo ,
  kNotice ,
  kWarning ,
  kError ,
  kFatal ,

Public Member Functions

 Message (detail::ResultWrapperPtr)
std::string GetMessage () const
std::string GetPrimary () const
std::string GetDetail () const
Severity GetSeverity () const
std::string GetSeverityString () const
SqlState GetSqlState () const
std::string GetSchema () const
std::string GetTable () const
std::string GetColumn () const
std::string GetDatatype () const
std::string GetConstraint () const
logging::LogExtra GetLogExtra () const
void ThrowException () const
 Throw an exception according to the SQL code.

Static Public Member Functions

static Severity SeverityFromString (std::string_view)

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Severity

enum class storages::postgres::Message::Severity

Definition at line 20 of file message.hpp.

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