userver: storages::postgres::NotifyScope Class Reference
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storages::postgres::NotifyScope Class Referencefinal

#include <userver/storages/postgres/notify.hpp>

Detailed Description

RAII scope for receiving notifications.

Used for waiting for notifications on PostgreSQL connections. Created by calling storages::postgres::Cluster::Listen(). Exclusively holds a connection from a pool.


Usage synopsis
auto scope = cluster.Listen("channel");
"select pg_notify('channel', NULL)");
auto ntf = scope.WaitNotify(engine::Deadline::FromDuration(100ms));

Definition at line 37 of file notify.hpp.

Public Member Functions

 NotifyScope (detail::ConnectionPtr conn, std::string_view channel, OptionalCommandControl cmd_ctl)
 NotifyScope (NotifyScope &&) noexcept
NotifyScopeoperator= (NotifyScope &&) noexcept
 NotifyScope (const NotifyScope &)=delete
NotifyScopeoperator= (const NotifyScope &)=delete
Notification WaitNotify (engine::Deadline deadline)
 Wait for notification on connection.

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