userver: formats::bson::Document Class Reference
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formats::bson::Document Class Reference

#include <userver/formats/bson/document.hpp>

Detailed Description

BSON document.

Definition at line 14 of file document.hpp.

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Public Member Functions

 Document ()
 Constructs an empty document Equivalent to MakeDoc()
 Document (const Value &value)
 Unwraps document from Value.
- Public Member Functions inherited from formats::bson::Value
 Value ()
 Constructs a null value.
 Value (const Value &)=default
 Value (Value &&) noexcept=default
Valueoperator= (const Value &) &=default
Valueoperator= (Value &&) &noexcept=default
template<class T >
Valueoperator= (T &&) &&
Value operator[] (const std::string &name) const
 Retrieves document field by name.
Value operator[] (uint32_t index) const
 Retrieves array element by index.
bool HasMember (const std::string &name) const
 Checks whether the document has a field.
const_iterator begin () const
 Returns an iterator to the first array element/document field.
const_iterator end () const
 Returns an iterator following the last array element/document field.
const_reverse_iterator rbegin () const
 Returns a reversed iterator to the last array element.
const_reverse_iterator rend () const
 Returns a reversed iterator following the first array element.
bool IsEmpty () const
 Returns whether the document/array is empty.
uint32_t GetSize () const
 Returns the number of elements in a document/array.
std::string GetPath () const
 Returns value path in a document.
bool operator== (const Value &) const
bool operator!= (const Value &) const
bool IsMissing () const
 Checks whether the selected element exists.
template<typename T >
auto As () const
template<typename T , typename First , typename... Rest>
auto As (First &&default_arg, Rest &&... more_default_args) const
template<typename T >
auto As (DefaultConstructed) const
 Returns value of *this converted to T or T() if this->IsMissing().
template<typename T >
ConvertTo () const
 Extracts the specified type with relaxed type checks. For example, true may be converted to 1.0.
template<typename T , typename First , typename... Rest>
ConvertTo (First &&default_arg, Rest &&... more_default_args) const
void SetDuplicateFieldsPolicy (DuplicateFieldsPolicy)
 Changes parsing behavior when duplicate fields are encountered. Should not be used normally.
void CheckNotMissing () const
 Throws a MemberMissingException if the selected element does not exist.
void CheckArrayOrNull () const
 Throws a TypeMismatchException if the selected element is not an array or null.
void CheckDocumentOrNull () const
 Throws a TypeMismatchException if the selected element is not a document or null.
bool IsArray () const
bool IsDocument () const
bool IsNull () const
bool IsBool () const
bool IsInt32 () const
bool IsInt64 () const
bool IsDouble () const
bool IsString () const
bool IsDateTime () const
bool IsOid () const
bool IsBinary () const
bool IsDecimal128 () const
bool IsMinKey () const
bool IsMaxKey () const
bool IsTimestamp () const
bool IsObject () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from formats::bson::Value
enum class  DuplicateFieldsPolicy {
  kForbid ,
  kUseFirst ,
 Selectors for duplicate fields parsing behavior. More...
using const_iterator
using const_reverse_iterator
using Exception = formats::bson::BsonException
using ParseException = formats::bson::ParseException
using ExceptionWithPath = formats::bson::ExceptionWithPath
using Builder = ValueBuilder
- Protected Member Functions inherited from formats::bson::Value
const impl::BsonHolder & GetBson () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Document()

formats::bson::Document::Document ( const Value & value)

Unwraps document from Value.

TypeMismatchExceptionif value is not a document

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