userver: pytest_userver.plugins.dynamic_config._Changelog Class Reference
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pytest_userver.plugins.dynamic_config._Changelog Class Reference

Detailed Description

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Public Member Functions

 __init__ (self)
str service_timestamp (self)
str next_timestamp (self)
 tick (self)
Updates get_updated_since (self, ConfigDict values, str updated_since, typing.Optional[typing.List[str]] ids=None)
 add_entries (self, ConfigDict values)
 rollback (self, ConfigDict defaults)

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

_ChangelogEntry entry
typing entries .List[_ChangelogEntry]

Protected Member Functions

typing.Tuple[ConfigDict, typing.List[str]] _get_updated_since (self, ConfigDict values, str updated_since)
 _do_rollback (self, int first_index, ConfigDict defaults)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

pytest_userver.plugins.dynamic_config._Changelog.__init__ ( self)

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Member Function Documentation

◆ _do_rollback()

pytest_userver.plugins.dynamic_config._Changelog._do_rollback ( self,
int first_index,
ConfigDict defaults )

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◆ _get_updated_since()

typing.Tuple[ConfigDict, typing.List[str]] pytest_userver.plugins.dynamic_config._Changelog._get_updated_since ( self,
ConfigDict values,
str updated_since )

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◆ add_entries()

pytest_userver.plugins.dynamic_config._Changelog.add_entries ( self,
ConfigDict values )

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◆ get_updated_since()

Updates pytest_userver.plugins.dynamic_config._Changelog.get_updated_since ( self,
ConfigDict values,
str updated_since,
typing.Optional[typing.List[str]] ids = None )

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◆ next_timestamp()

str pytest_userver.plugins.dynamic_config._Changelog.next_timestamp ( self)

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◆ rollback()

pytest_userver.plugins.dynamic_config._Changelog.rollback ( self,
ConfigDict defaults )

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◆ service_timestamp()

str pytest_userver.plugins.dynamic_config._Changelog.service_timestamp ( self)

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◆ tick()

pytest_userver.plugins.dynamic_config._Changelog.tick ( self)

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Member Data Documentation

◆ entries [1/2]

typing pytest_userver.plugins.dynamic_config._Changelog.entries .List[_ChangelogEntry]

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◆ entries [2/2]


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◆ entry

_ChangelogEntry pytest_userver.plugins.dynamic_config._Changelog.entry

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◆ last_entry


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◆ timestamp


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