userver: utils::CpuRelax Class Reference
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utils::CpuRelax Class Reference

#include <userver/utils/cpu_relax.hpp>

Detailed Description

Utility to yield every N iterations in a CPU-bound task to give other tasks an opportunity to get CPU time

Definition at line 33 of file cpu_relax.hpp.

Public Member Functions

 CpuRelax (std::size_t every, tracing::ScopeTime *scope)
 CpuRelax (const CpuRelax &)=delete
 CpuRelax (CpuRelax &&)=delete
void Relax ()
 Call this method every iteration, eventually it will yield.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CpuRelax()

utils::CpuRelax::CpuRelax ( std::size_t every,
tracing::ScopeTime * scope )
everynumber of iterations to call yield. 0 = noop
scopethe tracing::ScopeTime to pause when yielding, if any
The ScopeTime must live at least as long as the CpuRelax

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