userver: server::request::DeadlinePropagationBlocker Class Reference
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server::request::DeadlinePropagationBlocker Class Referencefinal

#include <userver/server/request/task_inherited_data.hpp>

Detailed Description

Stops deadline propagation within its scope.

By default, handler deadline is honored in requests created directly from the handler task, as well as from its child tasks. However, some requests need to be completed regardless of whether the initial request timed out, because they are needed for something other than forming the upstream response.

Deadline propagation is automatically blocked in tasks launched using:

See also
concurrent::BackgroundTaskStorage::AsyncDetach does it by default.

Definition at line 72 of file task_inherited_data.hpp.

Public Member Functions

 DeadlinePropagationBlocker (DeadlinePropagationBlocker &&)=delete
DeadlinePropagationBlockeroperator= (DeadlinePropagationBlocker &&)=delete

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