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storages::clickhouse Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Top namespace for uClickHouse driver.

For more information see ClickHouse Driver.


namespace  io
 uClickHouse input-output.


class  Cluster
 Interface for executing queries on a cluster of ClickHouse servers. More...
struct  CommandControl
class  ExecutionResult
class  Query
 Holds a query and its name. In case query is expected to be executed with parameters, query text should conform to fmt format. More...


using ClusterPtr = std::shared_ptr<Cluster>
using OptionalCommandControl = std::optional<CommandControl>
 storages::clickhouse::CommandControl that may not be set.

Typedef Documentation

◆ ClusterPtr

using storages::clickhouse::ClusterPtr = std::shared_ptr<Cluster>

Definition at line 14 of file fwd.hpp.

◆ OptionalCommandControl

storages::clickhouse::CommandControl that may not be set.

Definition at line 36 of file options.hpp.