userver: pytest_userver.plugins.caches.InvalidationState Class Reference
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pytest_userver.plugins.caches.InvalidationState Class Reference

Detailed Description

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Public Member Functions

 __init__ (self)
None invalidate_all (self)
None invalidate (self, typing.Iterable[str] caches)
bool should_update_all_caches (self)
typing.FrozenSet[str] caches_to_update (self)
bool has_caches_to_update (self)
None on_caches_updated (self, typing.Iterable[str] caches)
None on_all_caches_updated (self)
None assign_copy (self, 'InvalidationState' other)

Protected Attributes


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

pytest_userver.plugins.caches.InvalidationState.__init__ ( self)

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Member Function Documentation

◆ assign_copy()

None pytest_userver.plugins.caches.InvalidationState.assign_copy ( self,
'InvalidationState' other )

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◆ caches_to_update()

typing.FrozenSet[str] pytest_userver.plugins.caches.InvalidationState.caches_to_update ( self)

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◆ has_caches_to_update()

bool pytest_userver.plugins.caches.InvalidationState.has_caches_to_update ( self)

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◆ invalidate()

None pytest_userver.plugins.caches.InvalidationState.invalidate ( self,
typing.Iterable[str] caches )

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◆ invalidate_all()

None pytest_userver.plugins.caches.InvalidationState.invalidate_all ( self)

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◆ on_all_caches_updated()

None pytest_userver.plugins.caches.InvalidationState.on_all_caches_updated ( self)

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◆ on_caches_updated()

None pytest_userver.plugins.caches.InvalidationState.on_caches_updated ( self,
typing.Iterable[str] caches )

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◆ should_update_all_caches()

bool pytest_userver.plugins.caches.InvalidationState.should_update_all_caches ( self)

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Member Data Documentation

◆ _invalidated_caches


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