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mongo Directory Reference
+ Directory dependency graph for mongo:


file  bulk.hpp [code]
 Bulk collection operation model.
file  bulk_ops.hpp [code]
 Bulk sub-operation models.
file  collection.hpp [code]
 MongoDB collection handle, the main way to operate with MongoDB.
file  component.hpp [code]
 MongoDB client component.
file  cursor.hpp [code]
 Interface for MongoDB query cursors.
file  dist_lock_component_base.hpp [code]
 Base class for mongo-based distlock worker components.
file  dist_lock_strategy.hpp [code]
file  exception.hpp [code]
 MongoDB-specific exceptions.
file  mongo_error.hpp [code]
file  multi_mongo.hpp [code]
file  operations.hpp [code]
 Collection operation models.
file  options.hpp [code]
 Query options.
file  pool.hpp [code]
 MongoDB client pool.
file  pool_config.hpp [code]
 MongoDB connection pool configuration.
file  write_result.hpp [code]