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Definition at line 31 of file server.hpp.

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Public Member Functions

 Server (ServerConfig config, const storages::secdist::SecdistConfig &secdist, const components::ComponentContext &component_context)
const ServerConfig & GetConfig () const
void WriteMonitorData (utils::statistics::Writer &writer) const
void WriteTotalHandlerStatistics (utils::statistics::Writer &writer) const
net::Stats GetServerStats () const
void AddHandler (const handlers::HttpHandlerBase &handler, engine::TaskProcessor &task_processor)
size_t GetThrottlableHandlersCount () const
const http::HttpRequestHandler & GetHttpRequestHandler (bool is_monitor=false) const
void Start ()
void Stop ()
RequestsView & GetRequestsView ()
void SetLimit (std::optional< size_t > new_limit) override
void SetRpsRatelimit (std::optional< size_t > rps)
void SetRpsRatelimitStatusCode (http::HttpStatus status_code)
std::uint64_t GetTotalRequests () const override

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetTotalRequests()

std::uint64_t server::Server::GetTotalRequests ( ) const

◆ SetLimit()

void server::Server::SetLimit ( std::optional< size_t > new_limit)

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