userver: Apache Kafka
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Apache Kafka

Quality: Silver Tier.

🐙 userver provides access to Apache Kafka Brokers via two independent interfaces: kafka::ProducerComponent and kafka::ConsumerComponent.

They expose APIs for sending messages to Kafka topics, suspending coroutine until message delivery succeeded or failed, and for proccess message batches from the subscribed set of topics, asynchronously polling messages in separate task processor.

Common Features

  • Easy to configure (compared with raw Kafka clients with dozens of options);
  • No message payload copying;
  • Support of SASL SCRAM-SHA-512 authentication and SSL transport for Broker communication;
  • Comprehensive logs of all events and errors;
  • Metrics;

Producer Features

  • Synchronous and asynchronous non-blocking interfaces for producing messages;
  • Automatic periodic message polling of message delivery reports;
  • Automatic retries of transient errors;
  • Support of idempotent producer (exactly-once semantics);
  • Sending message to concrete topic's partition;

Consumer Features

  • Callback interface for handling message batches polled from subscribed topics;
  • Balanced consumer groups support;
  • Automatic rollback to last committed message when batch processing failed;
  • Partition offsets asynchronous commit;

Planned Enhancements

  • Transfer from raw polling with timeouts to events processing, making the message polling non-blocking and leading to better library scalability;
  • on_error callback for Consumer for convinient error processing;
  • testsuite Kafka support in OSS;
  • Support of different compression codecs (GZIP, LZ4, ZSTD, etc..);
  • Support more SASL authentication mechanisms (GSSAPI, OAUTHBEARER);

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