userver: utils::statistics::MetricsStorage Class Reference
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utils::statistics::MetricsStorage Class Referencefinal

#include <userver/utils/statistics/metrics_storage.hpp>

Detailed Description

Storage of metrics registered with MetricTag<Metric>

The class is thread-safe. See also the note about thread-safety on MetricTag<Metric>.

Definition at line 15 of file metrics_storage.hpp.

Public Member Functions

std::vector< EntryRegisterIn (Storage &statistics_storage)
template<typename Metric >
Metric & GetMetric (const MetricTag< Metric > &tag)
 Get metric data by type.
void ResetMetrics ()

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetMetric()

template<typename Metric >
Metric & utils::statistics::MetricsStorage::GetMetric ( const MetricTag< Metric > & tag)

Get metric data by type.

Definition at line 23 of file metrics_storage.hpp.

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