userver: userver/formats/serialize/common_containers.hpp File Reference
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common_containers.hpp File Reference

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Serializers for standard containers and optional.

Definition in file common_containers.hpp.

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#include <optional>
#include <type_traits>
#include <userver/formats/common/type.hpp>
#include <userver/formats/serialize/to.hpp>
#include <userver/utils/meta.hpp>
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namespace  utils
namespace  formats
 Value formats representation, parsing and serialization.
namespace  formats::serialize
 Common serializers.


template<typename T , typename Value >
std::enable_if_t< meta::kIsRange< T > &&!meta::kIsMap< T > &&!std::is_same_v< T, boost::uuids::uuid > &&!std::is_convertible_v< T &, utils::impl::strong_typedef::StrongTypedefTag & >, Value > formats::serialize::Serialize (const T &value, To< Value >)
 Common containers serialization (vector/set)
template<typename T , typename Value >
std::enable_if_t< meta::kIsUniqueMap< T >, Value > formats::serialize::Serialize (const T &value, To< Value >)
 Mappings serialization.
template<typename T , typename Value >
Value formats::serialize::Serialize (const std::optional< T > &value, To< Value >)
 std::optional serialization