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Functions and classes that could be used with or without coroutine environment.

Those classes and functions reside in CMake target userver-universal, that is a base target for all the userver-* targets, so all these the classes and functions are available while using any of the userver parts.

See also
Non-Coroutine Console Tool for a usage example.


file  demangle.hpp
 Returns a human-readable representation of provided type name.
file  select.hpp
 Utilities for selection of platform specific values.
file  algorithm.hpp
 Miscellaneous cryptographic routines.
file  base64.hpp
 Cryptographic hashing.
file  hash.hpp
 Cryptographic hashing.
file  signers.hpp
 Digital signature generators.
file  verifiers.hpp
 Digital signature verifiers.
file  decimal64.hpp
 Decimal data type for fixed-point arithmetic.
file  format_options.hpp
 Structure storing format options for decimal.
file  items.hpp
 Wrapper for handy python-like iteration over a map.
file  merge.hpp
file  meta.hpp
 Metaprogramming helpers for converters detection.
file  type.hpp
 Common enum of types.
file  utils.hpp
 formats::common::GetAtPath and formats::common::RemoveAtPath utils for Value and ValueBuilder
file  json.hpp
 Include-all header for JSON support.
file  exception.hpp
 Exception classes for JSON module.
file  serialize_boost_variant.hpp
 Serializers for boost::variant types.
file  serialize_duration.hpp
 Serializers for std::chrono::duration types.
file  serialize_variant.hpp
 Serializers for std::variant. Deprecated include, use userver/formats/serialize/variant.hpp instead of.
file  boost_optional.hpp
 Parsers and converters for boost::optional.
file  boost_uuid.hpp
 boost::uuids::uuid parser for any format
file  boost_variant.hpp
 Ineffective but generic parser for boost::variant type.
file  common.hpp
 Parsers and converters for std::chrono::seconds, std::chrono::system_clock::time_point and integral types.
file  common_containers.hpp
 Parsers and converters for Standard Library containers and std::optional.
file  time_of_day.hpp
 utils::datetime::TimeOfDay parser for any format
file  to.hpp
 Helper for parsers.
file  variant.hpp
 Ineffective but generic parser for std::variant type.
file  boost_optional.hpp
 Serializers for boost::optional.
file  boost_uuid.hpp
 boost::uuids::uuid serializer to any format
file  common_containers.hpp
 Serializers for standard containers and optional.
file  time_of_day.hpp
 utils::datetime::TimeOfDay to any format
file  to.hpp
 Helper for serializers.
file  variant.hpp
 Serializers for std::variant.
file  write_to_stream.hpp
 Common WriteToStream functions for SAX serializers.
file  yaml.hpp
 Include-all header for YAML support.
file  exception.hpp
 Exception classes for YAML module.
file  open_mode.hpp
 A set of OpenFlags.
file  read.hpp
 functions for synchronous (blocking) file read operations
file  write.hpp
 Functions for synchronous (blocking) file write operations.
file  get_hostname.hpp
 Returns host name.
file  read_groups.hpp
 Reads Conductor groups from conductor-hostinfo file.
file  cpu_limit.hpp
 Information about CPU limits in container.
file  common_headers.hpp
 Common HTTP header names.
file  http_request_parse_args.hpp
 Strict URL arguments parsing.
file  url.hpp
 URL manipulation functions.
file  using_namespace_userver.hpp
 For samples and snippets only! Has a using namespace USERVER_NAMESPACE; if the USERVER_NAMESPACE is not empty.
file  algo.hpp
 Small useful algorithms.
file  assert.hpp
file  atomic.hpp
 Helper algorithms to work with atomics.
file  bytes_per_second.hpp
 Data type that represents bytes per second unit.
file  datetime.hpp
 Date and Time related converters.
file  cpp_20_calendar.hpp
 This file brings date.h into utils::datetime::date namespace, which is std::chrono::operator/ (calendar) in c++20.
file  from_string_saturating.hpp
 Saturating converters from strings to time points.
file  timepoint_tz.hpp
 Timepoint with timezone.
file  hex.hpp
 Encoders, decoders and helpers for hexadecimal representations.
file  tskv.hpp
 Encoders, decoders and helpers for TSKV representations.
file  enumerate.hpp
 Implementation of python-style enumerate function for range-for loops.
file  from_string.hpp
 Extract the number contained in the string. No space characters or other extra characters allowed. Supported types:
file  get_if.hpp
file  make_intrusive_ptr.hpp
 Factory function for boost::intrusive_ptr, like std::make_unique.
file  meta.hpp
 Metaprogramming, template variables and concepts.
file  meta_light.hpp
 Lightweight concepts.
file  mock_now.hpp
 Mocking and getting mocked time values.
file  optionals.hpp
 Helper functions for std optionals.
file  rand.hpp
 Random number generators.
file  str_icase.hpp
 Case insensitive ASCII comparators and hashers.
file  str_icase_containers.hpp
 Contains utilities for working with containers with utils::StrCaseHash and utils::StrIcaseHash.
file  string_to_duration.hpp
 Converts strings like "10s", "5d", "1h" to durations.
file  text_light.hpp
 Text utilities that do not use locales.
file  thread_name.hpp
 Functions for thread name manipulation.
file  threads.hpp
 Functions to work with OS threads.
file  trivial_map_fwd.hpp
 Forward declarations of utils::TrivialBiMap and utils::TrivialSet types.
file  underlying_value.hpp
file  uuid4.hpp
 Generate a UUIDv4 string.
file  uuid7.hpp
 Generate a UUIDv7 string.
file  fwd.hpp
 Forward declarations of YamlConfig type and formats::parse::To.
file  merge_schemas.hpp
 Merge parent and child components schemas of static configs.
file  assert_macros.hpp
 Extensions to the gtest macros for printing and testing exceptions that could work even without coroutine environment.
file  death_tests.hpp
 Contains facilities for testing service crashes.
file  serialize_duration.hpp
 Serializers for std::chrono::duration types.


class  cache::LruMap< T, U, Hash, Equal >
class  cache::LruSet< T, Hash, Equal >
class  crypto::Certificate
class  crypto::PrivateKey
class  crypto::PublicKey
class  decimal64::Decimal< Prec, RoundPolicy_ >
 Fixed-point decimal data type for use in deterministic calculations, oftentimes involving money. More...
class  formats::common::Path
class  formats::json::StringBuilder
 SAX like builder of JSON string. Use with extreme caution and only in performance critical part of your code. More...
class  formats::json::Value
 Non-mutable JSON value representation. More...
class  formats::json::ValueBuilder
 Builder for JSON. More...
struct  formats::parse::To< T >
struct  formats::serialize::To< T >
class  formats::yaml::Value
 Non-mutable YAML value representation. More...
class  formats::yaml::ValueBuilder
 Builder for YAML. More...
class  fs::blocking::CFile
 A std::FILE* wrapper. More...
class  fs::blocking::FileDescriptor
 A file descriptor wrapper. More...
class  fs::blocking::TempDirectory
 A unique directory for temporary files. The directory is deleted when the TempDirectory is destroyed. More...
class  fs::blocking::TempFile
 A unique temporary file. The file is deleted when the TempFile object is destroyed. More...
class  http::ContentType
 Content-Type representation. More...
class  http::headers::HeaderMap
 Container that maps case-insensitive header name into header value. More...
class  http::headers::PredefinedHeader
 A struct to represent compile-time known header name. More...
class  utils::AnyMovable
 Replacement for std::any that is not copyable. It allows to store non-copyable and even non-movable types. More...
class  utils::AnyStorage< StorageTag >
 map-like heterogeneous data storage More...
struct  utils::CachedHash< Key >
 Holds the key and its hash for faster comparisons and hashing. More...
class  utils::CheckedPtr< T >
 Utility template for returning a pointer to an object that is owned by someone else; throws std::runtime_error if nullptr is stored. More...
class  utils::datetime::Date
 Date in format YYYY-MM-DD, std::chrono::year_month_day like type. More...
struct  utils::datetime::SteadyCoarseClock
 Steady clock with up to a few millisecond resolution that is slightly faster than the std::chrono::steady_clock. More...
struct  utils::datetime::WallCoarseClock
 System clock with up to a few millisecond resolution that is slightly faster than the std::chrono::system_clock. More...
class  utils::DefaultDict< ValueType >
 Dictionary that for missing keys falls back to a default value stored by key utils::kDefaultDictDefaultName. More...
class  utils::expected< S, E >
 For holding a value or an error. More...
class  utils::FastPimpl< T, Size, Alignment, Strict >
 Implements pimpl idiom without dynamic memory allocation. More...
class  utils::FastScopeGuard< Callback >
 a helper class to perform actions on scope exit More...
class  utils::FilterBloom< T, Counter, Hash1, Hash2 >
 Space-efficient probabilistic data structure. More...
class  utils::FixedArray< T >
 A fixed-size array with the size determined at runtime. More...
class  utils::Flags< Enum >
 Wrapper to extend enum with flags interface. More...
class  utils::AtomicFlags< Enum >
 Wrapper to extend enum with atomic flags interface. More...
class  utils::InvariantError
 Exception that is thrown on UINVARIANT violation. More...
class  utils::LazyPrvalue< Func >
 Can be used with various emplace functions to allow in-place constructing a non-movable value using a callable. More...
class  utils::NotNull< T >
 Restricts a pointer or smart pointer to only hold non-null values. More...
class  utils::OptionalRef< T >
 Class that behaves as a nullable reference. Main difference from the pointer - value comparison of pointed values. More...
struct  utils::Overloaded< Ts >
 Utility to define std::variant visitors in a simple way. More...
class  utils::regex
 Small alias for boost::regex / std::regex without huge includes. More...
class  utils::match_results
 Small alias for boost::smatch / std::regex without huge includes. More...
class  utils::ResultStore< T >
class  utils::ResultStore< void >
class  utils::ScopeGuard
 a helper class to perform actions on scope exit More...
class  utils::SharedReadablePtr< T >
 std::shared_ptr<const T> wrapper that makes sure that the pointer is stored before dereferencing. Protects from dangling references: More...
class  utils::SlidingInterval< T >
 Sliding interval of values that provides functions to compute average, min and max values from the last window_size values of interval. More...
class  utils::SmallString< N >
 An alternative to std::string with a custom SSO (small string optimization) container size. Unlike std::string, SmallString is not null-terminated thus it has no c_str(), data() returns a not null-terminated buffer. More...
class  utils::StrongTypedef< Tag, T, Ops, class >
 Strong typedef for a type T. More...
class  utils::datetime::TimeOfDay< Duration >
 A simple implementation of a "time since midnight" datatype. More...
class  utils::TokenBucket
class  utils::TracefulException
 Exception that remembers the backtrace at the point of its construction. More...
class  utils::TrivialBiMap< BuilderFunc >
 Bidirectional unordered map for trivial types, including string literals; could be efficiently used as a unordered non-bidirectional map. More...
class  utils::TrivialSet< BuilderFunc >
 Unordered set for trivial types, including string literals. More...
struct  yaml_config::Schema
 JSON Schema-like type definition. More...
class  yaml_config::YamlConfig
 Datatype that represents YAML with substituted variables. More...


 Short std::string_view with source path for logging.


template<typename... T>
using utils::void_t = std::void_t<T...>
 std::void_t implementation with workarounds for compiler bugs

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Short std::string_view with source path for logging.

Definition at line 20 of file log_filepath.hpp.

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◆ void_t

template<typename... T>
using utils::void_t = std::void_t<T...>

std::void_t implementation with workarounds for compiler bugs

Definition at line 17 of file void_t.hpp.