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write.hpp File Reference

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Functions for synchronous (blocking) file write operations.

Definition in file write.hpp.

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#include <string>
#include <string_view>
#include <boost/filesystem/operations.hpp>
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namespace  fs
 filesystem support
namespace  fs::blocking
 blocking function and classes to work with filesystem


void fs::blocking::CreateDirectories (std::string_view path, boost::filesystem::perms perms)
 Create directory and all necessary parent elements. Condition when path already exists and is a directory treated as "success" and no exception is thrown.
void fs::blocking::CreateDirectories (std::string_view path)
 This is an overloaded member function, provided for convenience. It differs from the above function only in what argument(s) it accepts.
void fs::blocking::RewriteFileContents (const std::string &path, std::string_view contents)
 Rewrite file contents synchronously.
void fs::blocking::RewriteFileContentsFSync (const std::string &path, std::string_view contents)
 Rewrite file contents synchronously and call fsync
void fs::blocking::SyncDirectoryContents (const std::string &path)
 flushes directory contents on disk using sync(2)
void fs::blocking::Rename (const std::string &source, const std::string &destination)
 Renames existing file synchronously.
void fs::blocking::RewriteFileContentsAtomically (const std::string &path, std::string_view contents, boost::filesystem::perms perms)
 Rewrite file contents atomically.
void fs::blocking::Chmod (const std::string &path, boost::filesystem::perms perms)
 Change file mode synchronously.
bool fs::blocking::RemoveSingleFile (const std::string &path)
 Remove existing file synchronously.