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concurrent Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Locking stuff.


class  AsyncEventChannel
class  AsyncEventSource
 The read-only side of an event channel. Events are delivered to listeners in a strict FIFO order, i.e. only after the event was processed a new event may appear for processing, same listener is never called concurrently. More...
class  AsyncEventSubscriberScope
 Manages the subscription to events from an AsyncEventSource. More...
class  BackgroundTaskStorage
class  BackgroundTaskStorageCore
class  ConflatedEventChannel
 A non-blocking version of 'AsyncEventChannel'. More...
class  Consumer
class  FunctionId
class  GenericQueue
class  ItemMutex
class  LazyValue
 lazy value computation with multiple users More...
class  LockedPtr
 Proxy class for locked access to data protected with locking::SharedLock<T> More...
class  MpscQueue
class  MutexSet
 A dynamic set of mutexes. More...
class  Producer
class  StripedCounter
 A contention-free sharded atomic counter, with memory consumption traded for performance. More...
class  Variable


using BackgroundTaskStorageFastPimpl
template<typename T >
using NonFifoMpmcQueue = GenericQueue<T, impl::SimpleQueuePolicy<true, true>>
 Non FIFO multiple producers multiple consumers queue.
template<typename T >
using NonFifoMpscQueue = GenericQueue<T, impl::SimpleQueuePolicy<true, false>>
 Non FIFO multiple producers single consumer queue.
template<typename T >
using SpmcQueue = GenericQueue<T, impl::SimpleQueuePolicy<false, true>>
 Single producer multiple consumers queue.
template<typename T >
using SpscQueue = GenericQueue<T, impl::SimpleQueuePolicy<false, false>>
 Single producer single consumer queue.
using StringStreamQueue
 Single producer single consumer queue of std::string which is bounded bytes inside.


enum class  UnsubscribingKind {
  kManual ,

Typedef Documentation

◆ BackgroundTaskStorageFastPimpl

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ UnsubscribingKind

enum class concurrent::UnsubscribingKind

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