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concurrent Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Locking stuff.


class  AsyncEventChannel
class  AsyncEventSource
 The read-only side of an event channel. Events are delivered to listeners in a strict FIFO order, i.e. only after the event was processed a new event may appear for processing, same listener is never called concurrently. More...
class  AsyncEventSubscriberScope
 Manages the subscription to events from an AsyncEventSource. More...
class  BackgroundTaskStorage
class  BackgroundTaskStorageCore
class  ConflatedEventChannel
 A non-blocking version of 'AsyncEventChannel'. More...
class  Consumer
class  FunctionId
class  GenericQueue
 Queue with single and multi producer/consumer options. More...
class  ItemMutex
class  LazyValue
 lazy value computation with multiple users More...
class  LockedPtr
 Proxy class for locked access to data protected with locking::SharedLock<T> More...
class  MpscQueue
class  MutexSet
 A dynamic set of mutexes. More...
class  Producer
class  StripedCounter
 A contention-free sharded atomic counter, with memory consumption and read performance traded for write performance. Intended to be used for write-heavy counters, mostly in metrics. More...
class  Variable


using BackgroundTaskStorageFastPimpl
template<typename T >
using NonFifoMpmcQueue = GenericQueue<T, impl::SimpleQueuePolicy<true, true>>
 Non FIFO multiple producers multiple consumers queue.
template<typename T >
using NonFifoMpscQueue = GenericQueue<T, impl::SimpleQueuePolicy<true, false>>
 Non FIFO multiple producers single consumer queue.
template<typename T >
using SpmcQueue = GenericQueue<T, impl::SimpleQueuePolicy<false, true>>
 Single producer multiple consumers queue.
template<typename T >
using SpscQueue = GenericQueue<T, impl::SimpleQueuePolicy<false, false>>
 Single producer single consumer queue.
using StringStreamQueue
 Single producer single consumer queue of std::string which is bounded bytes inside.


enum class  UnsubscribingKind {
  kManual ,

Typedef Documentation

◆ BackgroundTaskStorageFastPimpl

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ UnsubscribingKind

enum class concurrent::UnsubscribingKind

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