userver: Releases, Trunk-based Development and Pull Requests
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Releases, Trunk-based Development and Pull Requests

Information on production usage of userver source code and guarantees.

Is userver ready for production use?

Yes. We are successfully using userver for ages for many high-load high-availability services in production.

Make an experiment to make sure that the current functionality suits your needs. If there's something missing, please fill a feature request at github.

Trunk-based Development

🐙 userver follows the Trunk-Based Development model. In practice it means that all the revisions from the develop branch work fine and all of them have been in production at some point.

Any big new feature is enabled by default only after it goes through unit tests, functional tests, experiments in different environments and different stages of production adoption.

This development strategy provides fast delivery and adoption of new features.

Releases and Release model

The above model may not fit if stability of interfaces is required. Examples of such development cases are: making prebuilt packeges of the framework for package managers or OS distros, release based development model in the company, prototyping.

To satisfy the need in stability, the framework also provides releases - snapshots of the develop sources with API stability guarantee.

Releases do not evolve, all the new functionality and bugfixes go to develop branch of git to become a new release some day.

Starting from userver 2.0 we do a new minor release monthly.

Issue, feature and pull requests (PR)

We do our best to implement feature requests and review the pull requests. However, we prioritize our in-house feature requests and, alas, our resources are limited.

Please, see Notice to external contributors before making a PR or posting code!

To report an issue or provide a pull request use the github interface

There is a queue of simple tickets for first-time contributors and a queue of more complex features for experienced contributors. If you're planning to contribute soon or starting a work on a big feature, please write a comment about it into the issue. That way we could remove the issue from a queue and avoid contention on features.

Bugfixes and new features are not ported to older releases. To get the functionality you have to update to a new release with a fix.