userver: Roadmap and Changelog
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Roadmap and Changelog

We keep an eye on all the issues and feature requests at the, at the English-speaking and Russian-speaking Telegram support chats. All the good ideas are discussed, big and important ones go to the Roadmap. We also have our in-house feature requests, those could be also found in Roadmap.

Important or interesting features go to the changelog as they get implemented. Note that there's also a Security Changelog.

Changelog news also go to the userver framework news channel.


  • 👨‍💻 Codegen parsers and serializers by JSON schema
  • 👨‍💻 Improve Kafka driver.
  • 👨‍💻 Add retry budget or retry circuit breaker for clients.
  • Improve OpenTelemetry Protocol (OTLP) support.
  • Add web interface to the uservice-dynconf


Release v2.1 (May 2024)

Release v2.0

Big new features since the v1.0.0:

  • Simplified dynamic configs and embedded defaults into the code.
  • Added PostgreSQL connection pools auto-configuration.
  • Added YDB driver and basic Kafka driver.
  • LISTEN/NOTIFY support for PostgreSQL
  • New landing page for the website
  • Significantly reduced network data transmission for PostgreSQL
  • Supported install in CMake and CPack packaging.
  • Implemented middlewares for HTTP server, most of the HTTP server functionality was moved to middlewares.
  • Improved documentation, added more samples and descriptions.
  • Numerous optimizations and build improvements.

Detailed descriptions could be found below.

Binary Ubuntu 22.04 amd64 package could be found at userver Releases.

May 2024 (v2.0-rc)

  • Kafka driver is now documented, compiles and works. Thanks to Fedor for the work!
  • Added utils::numeric_cast for safe casting of integers of different width.
  • The userver framework is now available at Yandex Cloud Marketplace.
  • YDB driver now can be built on modern Clang compilers in C++20 and above modes.
  • Redis now allows to subscribe to master instances.
  • Improved logging of failures in testsuite.
  • Optimizations:
    • rcu::Variable was optimized to use asymmetric fences and concurrent::StripedCounter. x1000 performance improvement for some edge cases, x3 improvement for the generic use case.
    • Internal TaskCounter now uses concurrent::StripedCounter to reduce contention on atomics on each async task construction and destruction.
    • Adjusted the default spinning count in scheduler to better fit modern hardware and typical loads.
    • ~5% faster tasks queue overload detection logic. Many thanks to Egor Bocharov for the PR!
  • Docs, tests and build
    • Fixed build of utils/rand.hpp related source files. Thanks to Nikita for the PR!
    • Improved logic of Telegram support chats URL selection. Many thanks to Mingaripov Niyaz for the PR!
    • Fixed multiple @snippet links in docs. Many thanks to Mingaripov Niyaz for the PR!
    • Fixed flaky ThreadLocal.SafeThreadLocalWorks test. Many thanks to Egor Bocharov for the PR!

April 2024

  • Initial CPack support. Now userver-all.deb packages could be build via:
    git clone --depth 1
    docker run --rm -it --network ip6net -v $(pwd):/home/user -w /home/user/userver \
    --entrypoint bash ./scripts/docker/ \
    We'll start publishing the packages soon.
  • New Docker images based on Ubuntu-22.04 with weekly builds and publishing:
    • - image with preinstalled userver deb package and PostgreSQL database. All the service templates now use it for tests
    • - image with preinstalled userver deb package. Good starting container for developing servers that do not use POstgreSQL.
    • - an image with only the build dependencies to build userver. Good for development of userver itself. More info at Configure, Build and Install
  • All the service templates were moved to a new components naming with :: (for example userver::core) and now attempt to find an installed userver. Now in CMake component names with :: work regardless of the framework installation (CPM, add_subdirectory, or find_package).
  • Added userver/utils/hedged_request.hpp with a bunch of helper classes to perform hedged requests.
  • Improved testsuite logging for functional tests.
  • Consumers of concurrent queues now have a Reset() method. Thanks to akhoroshev for the PR!
  • Fixed gRPC builds and runs with ASAN. Thanks to Nikita for the PR!
  • Published early work on Kafka driver. API is not stable, build scripts, improvements and samples to come. Thanks to Fedor for the work!
  • Published early work on RocksDB driver. API is not stable, build scripts, improvements and samples to come. Thanks to Kirill for the work!
  • Optimizations:
    • WriteAll for TLS became up to 7 times faster if multiple small chunks of data are written. Thanks to Илья Оплачкин and VScdr for the PR!
    • Binary sizes were reduced if building without LTO. All the binaries linked with userver became about 1MB smaller.
    • Implemented asymmetric thread fences. This opens the door for optimizations of rcu::Variable and internals of the scheduler.
    • Caches in testsuite are now invalidated concurrently, leading to tens of seconds speedup for services with multiple caches and tests.
    • concurrent::StripedCounter became 8 times more memory efficient.
  • Build and docs:

March 2024

  • Installation via cmake --install was implemented. See userver_install for more info.
  • Implemented Http server middlewares
  • USERVER_LOG_DYNAMIC_DEBUG now provides fine granted runtime control over logging.
  • Now all the modern versions of libmongoc are supported in userver-mongo.
  • A secret value for the digest nonce generating now could be provided in http_server_digest_auth_secret key via components::Secdist. Many thanks to Mingaripov Niyaz for the PR!
  • ugrpc::server::ServerComponent now has a unix-socket-path static option to listen on unix domain socket path instead of an inet socket.
  • All the formats::*::ValueBuilder now support std::string_view. Thanks to Андрей Будиловский for the bug report!
  • clients::http::Form is now movable and slightly more efficient. Thanks to Alexandr Kondratev for the PR!
  • Redis now supports SSUBSCRIBE and removes dead nodes.
  • engine::WaitAny() now can wait for an engine::io::Socket/engine::io::TlsWrapper to become readable or writable. For example: engine::WaitAny(socket.GetReadableBase(), task1, tls_socket.GetWritableBase(), future1);
  • New tracing::Span::MakeRootSpan() helper function.
  • Optimizations:
    • Switched from unmaintained http_parser to a 156% faster llhttp.
    • Implemented a concurrent::StripedCounter that allows to have a per-cpu data in user space with kernel-provided transactional guarantees. Works at least x2 faster than std::atomic on a single thread and scales linearly (unlike std::atomic). As a result gives more than x10 performance improvement under heavy contention.
    • An explicit control over cache invalidations in testsuite. As a result, less caches are invalidated between tests and the overall time to run tests goes down significantly.
    • Components start was optimized to copy less containers during component dependencies detection.
    • Per each incoming HTTP request:
      • one less std::chrono::steady_clock::now() call
      • one less StrCaseHash construction (2 calls into std::uniform_int_distribution<std::uint64_t> over std::mt19937)
      • one less dynamic_config::Snapshot construction (at least one atomic CAS)
    • HTTP Client now copies less std::shared_ptr variables in implementation.
    • Optimized up to an order of magnitude the user types query in PostgreSQL driver.
    • pytest_userver.client.Client.capture_logs() now accepts log_level to filter out messages with lower log level in the service itself and minimize CPU and memory consumption during tests.
    • Up to two times faster utils::statistics::RecentPeriod statistics in PostgreSQL driver due to switching to a utils::datetime::SteadyCoarseClock.
  • Build:

February 2024

  • PostgreSQL driver now keeps processing the current queries and transactions after encountering a "prepared statement already exists" event.
  • Implemented a new landing page to make userver even more nice&shiny! The whole project was done by 👨🏻‍💻 frontend developer Fedor Alekseev; 🧑🏼‍🎨 designers hellenisaeva and MariaGrinchenko; 👨🏻‍💼 manager Oleg Komarov. Many thanks for the awesome work!
  • HTTP components::Server now has a static configuration option address to select network interface to listen to.
  • gRPC futures now can be used efficiently with engine::WaitAny().
  • Flush headers before starting to produce the body parts in HTTP streaming handlers, so a client can react to the request earlier. Thanks to akhoroshev for the PR!
  • Added tracing::TagScope for comfortable work with local scope tracing tags. Many thanks to nfrmtk for the PR!
  • INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES is now used in userver_add_grpc_library. Thanks to Nikita for the PR!
  • New storages::postgres::QueryQueue class, mostly for executing multiple SELECT statements and retrieving the results in one roundtrip.
  • POSTGRES_TOPOLOGY_SETTINGS to control maximum allowed replication lag.
  • Optimizations:
    • PostgreSQL driver now caches the low-level database (D)escribe responses, workarounds the libpq implementation and does not request query describe information on each request. This results in about ~2 times less data transmitted for select statements that return multiple columns, less CPU consumption for the database server and for the application itself.
    • On Boost 1.74 and newer the engine::SingleConsumerEvent::IsReady() now uses atomic load instead of a much less efficient atomic DWCAS.
    • gRPC deadline propagation now uses less now() calls and measures time more precisely.
    • About 16% faster HttpResponse::SetHeader due to using a vectorization friendly algorithm.
    • Improved Redis driver start-up time.
    • dynamic_config::DocsMap::Parse() and dynamic configs retrieval copies less strings.
  • Build:
    • New Docker container for developing userver based projects It contains all the build dependencies preinstalled and a proper setup of PPAs with databases, compilers and tools.
    • Switched to a modern python venv instead of the older virtualenv.
    • Use system provided Boost.Stacktrace if it is available.
  • Documentation and Diagnostics:

January 2024

December 2023

  • LISTEN/NOTIFY support for PostgreSQL. See storages::postgres::Cluster::Listen() and storages::postgres::NotifyScope for more information.
  • components::Server now has option for client-side certificates check.
  • Caches now have a full-update-jitter option to avoid simultaneous full updates in different servers.
  • Fault injection into transactions. See pytest_userver.sql.RegisteredTrx for sample usage.
  • Improved diagnostics for improper Secdist usage.
  • Added storages::postgres::ResultSet::AsOptionalSingleRow. Thanks to Jiawei He for the PR!
  • Build:
    • Big rewrite of CMake logic. Now userver_setup_environment() function is used to setup the environment:
      • before:
      • after:
        Requirements are not code generated any more and the default requirements used on userver_testsuite_add_simple() CMake function call. add_grpc_library() renamed to userver_add_grpc_library().
    • USERVER_PIP_USE_SYSTEM_PACKAGES and USERVER_PIP_OPTIONS CMake options now allow building the userver without internet connection. Thanks to Nikita for the PR!
    • Curl library now downloaded automatically if no suitable version found.
    • Added missing check for Mongo in Conan. Thanks to Pavel Talashchenko for the PR!
    • Fixed sanitizers error message in CMake. Thanks to Kirill Pavlov for the PR!
    • Updated MacOS dependencies. Thanks to Kirill Morozov for the PRs!
    • Added PostgreSQL 16 detection. Thanks to linuxnyasha for the PR!
  • Optimizations:
  • Documentation:
    • Documented Secdist formats and added notes on possible environment variables usage instead of secdist.
    • Layout of reference pages changes. Now descriptions are at the top of the page rather than being after the list of methods and members.
    • Documented Mongo pool metrics at Service Statistics and Metrics (Prometheus/Graphite/...).
    • New gRPC middleware sample.
    • Switched to Doxygen 1.10 with our search patches upstreamed

November 2023

  • formats::json::Schema and validation function for it formats::json::Validate were implemented. Many thanks to Aleksej Kamenev for the PR!
  • PostgreSQL driver now auto detects the max pool size, see uPg: Automatic connection limit
  • server::http::HttpRequest:GetMethod() now can return server::http::HttpMethod::kHEAD. Thanks to Kirill Zimnikov for the bugreport and PR!
  • PostgreSQL now has the following static config options:
    • check-user-types option to prevent service from starting if database is not ready for work (for example: some migrations were not applied).
    • discard-all-on-connect - to force running DISCARD ALL on new connections, which could be useful for some PostgreSQLs smart-proxies that reuse the same connections.
  • Boost.PFR 2.2.0 is now in use. The door for compile time reflection pull requests is now open!
  • More metrics and fallbacks for logging errors.
  • More tests for utils::datetime::MockSteadyNow. Thanks to Aleksej Kamenev for the PR!
  • components::CachingComponentBase now has a static config option alert-on-failing-to-update-times to fire an alert if the cache update failed specified amount of times in a row.
  • Optimizations:
    • Caching of dl_phdr_info items is not ON by default, leading up to multiple seconds faster exception handling under heavy load when parts of the executable still being on hard drive rather than in memory. Use USERVER_DISABLE_PHDR_CACHE CMake option to disable it, if the framework reports dlopen usage after component start and there's no way to avoid it.
    • Optimized discarding logs by log level from 4ns to 2ns. Added CMake option USERVER_FEATURE_ERASE_LOG_WITH_LEVEL to totally eliminate all the CPU and binary size overhead from logging.
    • Implemented utils::SmallString::resize_and_overwrite() function as in C++23 std::string. Thanks to Илья Оплачкин for the PR.
    • Up to an order of magnitude faster generation of HTTP response header via utils::SmallString usage. Thanks to Илья Оплачкин for the PR.
    • Faster logging of durations in tracing::Span, tracing::ScopeTime and friends.
    • Parsing inside storages::postgres::ResultSet now does not compute parsing-failure diagnostic information if parsing is successful.
    • Return PostgreSQL connection to pool earlier, before updating the statistics.
    • fs::RewriteFileContents() now does not fsync directories, dumping caches now also do not fsync directories leading to better performance while still properly restoring after server power-off.
    • PostgreSQL typed parsing was optimized to not copy std::shared_ptrs.
    • TESTPOINT() and TESTPOINT_CALLBACK() now produce less instructions and guaranteed to not throw it the testpoints are disabled.
  • Documentation:
    • gRPC now has a deeper explanation of middlewares
    • New Dynamic config page and related samples.
    • Samples were significantly simplified, more static configuration options now have good defaults and do not require explicit setup.
    • Configure, Build and Install now contains information on how to build service templates. Information on how to build the framework tests was moved to scripts/docs/en/userver/tutorial/
    • Documented the server::handlers::ImplicitOptions.

October 2023

Release v1.0.0

Big new features since the Beta announcement:

  • Implemented WebSockets server
  • Added MySQL driver
  • RabbitMQ drived was added
  • Implemented TLS server
  • Enabled PostgreSQL pipelining
  • Implemented and enabled Deadline Propagation
  • Improved experience with metrics. Added Prometheus and Graphite metric formats. Provided a modern simple interface to write and test metrics.
  • Added chaos tests for drivers
  • Implemented streaming API for the HTTP
  • Improved documentation, added more samples and descriptions, improved search.
  • Numerous optimizations.
  • Numerous build improvements, including Conan and Docker support.

Optimized and improved features that were available at the Beta announcement:

  • gRPC client and server
  • Mongo driver
  • Redis driver
  • PostgreSQL
  • HTTP server and client
  • Logging and Tracing
  • ... and many other features.

Detailed descriptions could be found below.

Beta (September 2023)

  • WebSockets server and TLS server are now implemented as part of the HTTP server
  • PostgreSQL pipelining is now implemented and turned on by default, leading to improved response times.
  • Mongo Congestion Control is implemented and turned on by default, leading to better stability of the service in case of high load on database.
  • Initial logger is now initialized from the component config, leading to a more simple code and setup. The --initial-logger option now does nothing and will be removed soon.
  • Added a `userver_testsuite_add_simple()` CMake function to simplify testsuite CMake configuration.
  • Expanded list of HTTP codes, thanks to Vladimir Popov for the PR!
  • Projects from Yandex Schools were updated by the original authors. Thanks to bshirokov, Almaz Shagiev, Konstantin Antoniadi, Mingaripov Niyaz, Ilya Golosov and all the participants for the the great work and PRs!
  • Build:
    • New versions of yaml-cpp library are now supported. Thanks to Nikita for the bug report!
    • Supported compilation with fmt 10.1.0. Thanks to Vladislav Nepogodin for the PRs!
    • Fixed unused result warning. Thanks to Vladislav Nepogodin for the PR!
    • Fixed use of deprecated API. Thanks to Vladislav Nepogodin for the PR!
    • Fixed build with GCC-13 libstdc++. Thanks to Vladislav Nepogodin for the PR!
    • Fixed MacOS Protobuf discovery. Thanks to Pavel Talashchenko for the PR!
    • Fixed multiple other build warnings and issues.

Beta (August 2023)

Beta (July 2023)

  • server::http::CustomHandlerException now allows to provide a custom HTTP status that is not mapped to protocol-agnostic server::handlers::HandlerErrorCode.
  • Non-coroutine userver-universal CMake target was refactored and is now used by the whole framework as a basic dependency. Compile times dropped down drastically for building the whole framework from scratch.
  • Added a non-coroutine usage example Non-Coroutine Console Tool.
  • It is now possible to subscribe to SIGUSR1 and SIGUSR2 in the same class. Thanks to Beshkent for the bug report.
  • Dynamic config management commands were added to uctl tool.
  • Optimizations:
    • storages::redis::SubscribeClient subscriptions were optimized to do less dynamic allocations on new message and use a faster lock-free queue.
    • Escaping of tags for logging is now done at compile-time by default, which gives up to 30% speedup in some cases.
    • Internal asynchronous logging logic was rewritten, leading to better scalability and more than 25% speedup.
    • HTTP client connection is now preserved on deadline, leading to less connections being reopened.
  • Cleaned up and added docs for redis::CommandControl.
  • MacOS build instructions were enhanced, thanks to Daniil Shvalov for the PR!
  • Conan build was fixed, thanks to Yuri Bogomolov for the PR.
  • Numerous build and configure fixes.

Beta (June 2023)

  • Static configs of the service now can retrieve environment variables via the #env syntax. See yaml_config::YamlConfig for more examples.
  • New testsuite plugins userver_config_http_client and userver_config_testsuite_support turned on by default to increase timeouts in tests and make the functional tests more reliable.
  • gRPC now can write access logs, see access-tskv-logger static option of ugrpc::server::ServerComponent.
  • Now the waiter is allowed to destroy the engine::SingleConsumerEvent immediately after exiting WaitForEvent, if the wait succeeded.
  • New dynamic_config_fallback_patch fixture could be used to replace some dynamic config values specifically for testsuite tests.
  • Fixed utils::SmallString tests, thanks to Chingiz Sabdenov for the PR!
  • Optimizations:
    • Counters in the tasks were optimized. New thread local counters use less CPU and scale better on huge amounts of coroutines.
    • engine::TaskProcessor optimized layout with interference shielded atomics uses less CPU and scales better on huge amounts of coroutines.
    • Minor optimizations for HTTP clients URL manipulations.
    • tracing::Span generation of ID was made faster.
    • clients::http::Request now does less atomic counters increments/decrements while the request is being built.
    • mlock_debug_info static configuration option of components::ManagerControllerComponent is now on by default. It improves responsiveness of the service under heavy load on low memory and bad hard drives.
    • engine::io::Socket now has an additional SendAll overload that accepts const struct iovec* list, std::size_t list_size for implementing low-level vector sends. Mongo driver now uses the new function, resulting in smaller CPU and memory consumption.
    • clients::http::Form::AddContent now instead of const std::string& parameters accepts std::string_view parameters that allow to copy less data.
  • Docs and diagnostics:
  • Build:
    • Multiple build fixes for gRPC targets.
    • Clickhouse for Conan was added, thanks to Anton for the PR.
    • CMake build flag USERVER_FEATURE_UBOOST_CORO can be used to use system boost::context.

Beta (May 2023)

  • New scripts/uctl/uctl console script for administration of the running service was added.
  • Improved compile times by removing multiple includes from userver headers including templating the serializers of different formats.
  • Implemented ugrpc::server::HealthComponent handler, a gRPC alternative to server::handlers::Ping.
  • gRPC server and clients now support middlewares - a customization plugins that could be shared by different handlers.
  • Invalid implementations of CacheUpdateTrait::Update are now detected and logged.
  • Optimizations:
    • Significant improvements in HTTP handling due to new http::headers::HeaderMap usage instead of std::unordered_map.
    • Improved performance of utils::TrivialBiMap by an order of magnitude for enum-to-enum mappings, thanks to Vlad Tytskiy for the bug report!
    • utils::FromString now uses std::from_chars for better performance.
    • TESTPOINT and other testpoint related macro now imply zero overhead if testpoints were disabled in static config.
    • More functions of formats::json::ValueBuilder now accept std::string_view, resulting in less std::string constructions and better performance.
    • TSKV escaping was optimized via SIMD, resulting in up to x10 speedup on long logs.
    • mlock_debug_info static configuration option of components::ManagerControllerComponent now allows to lock exception unwinding information in memory. It improves responsiveness of the service under heavy load on low memory and bad hard drives.
  • Docs:
  • Build:
    • Arch Linux instructions were improved, thanks to Kirill Zimnikov for the PR!
    • Fixed Conan based builds, thanks to Anton for the PR.
    • Clickhouse-cpp version was raised to 2.4.0, thanks to Kirill Zimnikov for the PR!
    • Fixed build on libstdc++ from GCC-13, thanks to Kirill Zimnikov for the PR!
    • Fixed benchmarks build on non x86 targets.
    • Rewrite of Protobuf and gRPC locating logic.

Beta (April 2023)

Beta (March 2023)

  • Now logging of particular lines could be controlled by dynamic config. See USERVER_LOG_DYNAMIC_DEBUG for more info.
  • HTTP headers that contain the tracing context now could be customized, both for handlers and HttpClient, by feeding tracing::TracingManagerBase implementation into tracing::DefaultTracingManagerLocator (docs to come soon).
  • User defined literals for different formats are now available at formats::literals
  • Added crypto::CmsSigner and crypto::CmsVerifier as per RFC 5652.
  • cache::LruMap and cache::LruSet now work with non-movable types.
  • BSON<>JSON conversions now supported via json_value.ConvertTo<formats::bson::Value>() and bson_value.ConvertTo<formats::json::Value>().
  • engine::CancellableSemaphore was implemented.
  • Optimizations:
    • Mongo driver switched to a faster utils::statistics::Writer.
    • utils::Async functions now make 1 dynamic allocation less, thanks to Ivan Trofimov for the PR.
    • Getting the default logger now takes only a single atomic read. LOG_* macro now do two RMW atomic operations less and do not use RCU, that could lead to a dynamic memory allocation in rare cases.
    • PostgreSQL driver now does much less atomic operations due to wider usage of std::move on the internal std::shared_ptr.
    • Added storages::postgres::Transaction::ExecuteDecomposeBulk function for fast insertion of C++ array of structures as arrays of values.
    • Str[I]caseHash now uses a 5-10 times faster SipHash13
    • Redis driver now does an asynchronous DNS resolving, amount of heavy system calls dropped down noticeably.
  • Build changes:
    • CMake option USERVER_OPEN_SOURCE_BUILD was removed as the build is always the same for in-house and public environments.
    • CMake option USERVER_FEATURE_SPDLOG_TCP_SINK was removed as now the implementation of the sink does not rely on spdlog implementation.
    • Configuration step was made much faster.
    • Makefile was simplified and only up-to-date targets were left.
    • Added a script to prepare docker build, see Building Docker container for userver for more info.
    • Scripts for generating CMakeLists were simplified and cleared from internal stuff.
    • Added missing dependencies to scripts/docs/en/deps_ubuntu_.md20_04 and sorted all the dependencies, thanks to Anatoly Shirokov for the PR.
  • Statistics and metrics now do additional lifetime checks in debug builds to catch improper usages.
  • Push functions of concurrent::MpscQueue and other queues now have a [[nodiscard]] for compile time misuse detection.
  • Significant improvement of Redis server-side errors diagnostic.
  • Improved diagnostics for distributed locking.
  • Fixed numerous typos in docs and samples.

Beta (February 2023)

  • tracing::Span now logs the location where it was constructed.
  • Now the string<>enum utils::TrivialBiMap mappings could be used within storages::postgres::io::CppToUserPg. See pg_enum for more info.
  • components::Logging now provides options for configuring the task processors to do the asynchronous logging.
  • Redis driver now supports the geosearch and unlink commands.
  • DNS resolvers were switched to asynchronous mode by default.
  • UDP chaos proxy was implemented, see chaos.UdpGate
  • C++ Standard now could be explicitly controlled via the CMake flag CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD.
  • Optimizations:
    • Many metrics were moved to a faster utils::statistics::Writer.
    • gRPC now allows concurrent execution of 1 Read and 1 Write on the same Bidirectional stream.
  • Python dependencies for build are now automatically installed, thanks to Pavel Shuvalov for the PR!
  • Added a Conan option to disable LTO, thanks to Oleg Burchakov for the PR!
  • Diagnostic messages and docs were improved, including:
    • In case of a typo in static config name the fixed name is now reported
    • error-injection static option for components::Postgres was documented
    • Fixed typos, thanks to Ch0p1k3 for the PR!

Beta (January 2023)

Beta (December 2022)

  • Added logs colorization to the testsuite plugins, thanks to Victor Makarov for the PR.
  • Multiple big improvements in framework testing:
    • improved unit tests re-entrance
    • multiple new chaos and metrics tests
    • improved testsuite diagnostics
  • Added a Custom Authorization/Authentication via PostgreSQL sample.
  • Added an option set_tracing_headers to disable HTTP tracing headers, thanks to Ivan Trofimov for the PR.
  • Fixed race in RabbitMQ sample, thanks to Ivan Trofimov for the PR.
  • Fixed PostgreSQL testing at GithubCI, thanks to Ivan Trofimov for the PR.

Beta (November 2022)

Beta (October 2022)

  • Experimental support for Conan packaging, many thanks to Anton for the PR.
  • Prometheus and Graphite metrics formats were added, see Service Statistics and Metrics (Prometheus/Graphite/...) for details.
  • Initial support for chaos testing was added, see Chaos Testing for more info.
  • Generic Escape implementation for ranges was added to Clickhouse, thanks to Ivan Trofimov for the PR.
  • TLS/SSL support for Redis.
  • Multiple optimizations from Ivan Trofimov:
    • utils::datetime::WallCoarseClock and its usage in the framework core;
    • HTTP "Date" header caching;
    • Significant reduction of syscalls count during any recv operations;
    • Server::GetRequestsView not initialized if it is not required;
    • utils::encoding::ToHex became faster;
    • Marking response as ready became faster.
  • Better diagnostics for CoroPool initialization failure, thanks to Ivan Trofimov for the PR.
  • New handler server::handlers::OnLogRotate.
  • Multiple optimizations, including:
    • Faster async cancellations for PostgreSQL;
    • Avoid using dynamic_cast in multiple places;
    • Avoid calling std::chrono::steady_clock::now() in multiple places.
  • gRPC mockserver support (see gRPC client and service).
  • gRPC now provides an efficient API for async execution of requests without additional utils::Async invocations.
  • Build fixes for older platforms, thanks to Yuri Bogomolov for the PR.
  • components::Logging now can output logs to UNIX sockets.
  • Now the "help wanted" issues at github have additional tags "good first issue" and "big", to help you to choose between a good starting issue and a big feature. See Releases, Trunk-based Development and Pull Requests for more info.

Beta (September 2022)

  • Ivan Trofimov implemented the RabbitMQ driver.
  • Added navigation to the next and previous page in docs, thanks to multiple feature requests in Telegram support chat.
  • Improved Task::Detach docs and added recommendation to use concurrent::BackgroundTaskStorage instead, thanks to Ivan Trofimov for the bugreport.
  • Added start- targets for the samples, to simplify experimenting with them.
  • Docs now support dark theme out of the box.
  • Fixed CMake issue with -DUSERVER_FEATURE_TESTSUITE=0, thanks to Георгий Попов for the bugreport.
  • Fixed build on Arch Linux, thanks to Mikhail K. for the bugreport.
  • Fixed building in virtual environment on Windows, thanks to sabudilovskiy for the bug report.
  • Fixed building with -std=gnu++20, thanks to Георгий Попов for the PR.
  • Improved package version detection in CMake via pkg-config.
  • Added a USERVER_FEATURE_UTEST flag for disabling utest and ubench target builds, thanks to Anton for the PR.
  • Simplified gRPC component registration and usage.
  • Added an ability to turn on gRPCs ChannelZ.
  • Added evalsha/script load commands for Redis driver.

Beta (August 2022)

Pre announce (May-Jul 2022)