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dynamic_config::Source Class Referencefinal

A client for easy dynamic config fetching in components. More...

#include <userver/dynamic_config/source.hpp>

Public Types

using EventSource = concurrent::AsyncEventSource< const Snapshot & >

Public Member Functions

 Source (impl::StorageData &storage)
 Source (const Source &)=default
Sourceoperator= (const Source &)=default
Snapshot GetSnapshot () const
template<typename Key >
VariableSnapshotPtr< KeyGetSnapshot (Key key) const
template<typename Key >
VariableOfKey< KeyGetCopy (Key key) const
template<typename Class >
concurrent::AsyncEventSubscriberScope UpdateAndListen (Class *obj, std::string_view name, void(Class::*func)(const dynamic_config::Snapshot &config))
EventSourceGetEventChannel ()

Detailed Description

A client for easy dynamic config fetching in components.

After construction, dynamic_config::Source can be copied around and passed to clients or child helper classes.

Usually retrieved from components::DynamicConfig component.

Typical usage:

namespace myservice::smth {
namespace {
int ParseRuntimeCfg(const dynamic_config::DocsMap& docs_map) {
return docs_map.Get("SAMPLE_INTEGER_FROM_RUNTIME_CONFIG").As<int>();
} // namespace
int Component::DoSomething() const {
// Getting a snapshot of dynamic config.
const auto runtime_config = config_.GetSnapshot();
return runtime_config[kMyConfig];
} // namespace myservice::smth

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Member Typedef Documentation

◆ EventSource

Definition at line 66 of file source.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Source()

dynamic_config::Source::Source ( impl::StorageData &  storage)

For internal use only. Obtain using components::DynamicConfig or dynamic_config::StorageMock instead.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetCopy()

template<typename Key >
VariableOfKey< Key > dynamic_config::Source::GetCopy ( Key  key) const

Definition at line 84 of file source.hpp.

◆ GetSnapshot()

template<typename Key >
VariableSnapshotPtr< Key > dynamic_config::Source::GetSnapshot ( Key  key) const

Definition at line 79 of file source.hpp.

◆ UpdateAndListen()

template<typename Class >
concurrent::AsyncEventSubscriberScope dynamic_config::Source::UpdateAndListen ( Class *  obj,
std::string_view  name,
void(Class::*)(const dynamic_config::Snapshot &config)  func 

Subscribes to dynamic-config updates using a member function, named OnConfigUpdate by convention. Also immediately invokes the function with the current config snapshot.

Definition at line 93 of file source.hpp.

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