userver: pytest_userver.plugins.dynamic_config.DynamicConfig Class Reference
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pytest_userver.plugins.dynamic_config.DynamicConfig Class Reference

Detailed Description

Simple dynamic config backend.

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Public Member Functions

 __init__ (self, *ConfigDict initial_values, typing.Iterable[str] config_cache_components, caches.InvalidationState cache_invalidation_state, _Changelog changelog)
 set_values (self, ConfigDict values)
 set_values_unsafe (self, ConfigDict values)
 set (self, **values)
ConfigDict get_values_unsafe (self)
typing.Any get (self, str key, typing.Any default=None)
 remove_values (self, keys)
 remove (self, key)
typing.Any modify (self, str key)
typing.Tuple[typing.Any,...] modify_many (self, *typing.Tuple[str,...] keys)

Protected Member Functions

 _sync_with_service (self)

Protected Attributes


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

pytest_userver.plugins.dynamic_config.DynamicConfig.__init__ ( self,
*ConfigDict initial_values,
typing.Iterable[str] config_cache_components,
caches.InvalidationState cache_invalidation_state,
_Changelog changelog )

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Member Function Documentation

◆ _sync_with_service()

pytest_userver.plugins.dynamic_config.DynamicConfig._sync_with_service ( self)

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◆ get()

typing.Any pytest_userver.plugins.dynamic_config.DynamicConfig.get ( self,
str key,
typing.Any default = None )

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◆ get_values_unsafe()

ConfigDict pytest_userver.plugins.dynamic_config.DynamicConfig.get_values_unsafe ( self)

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◆ modify()

typing.Any pytest_userver.plugins.dynamic_config.DynamicConfig.modify ( self,
str key )

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◆ modify_many()

typing.Tuple[typing.Any, ...] pytest_userver.plugins.dynamic_config.DynamicConfig.modify_many ( self,
*typing.Tuple[str, ...] keys )

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◆ remove()

pytest_userver.plugins.dynamic_config.DynamicConfig.remove ( self,
key )

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◆ remove_values()

pytest_userver.plugins.dynamic_config.DynamicConfig.remove_values ( self,
keys )

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◆ set()

pytest_userver.plugins.dynamic_config.DynamicConfig.set ( self,
** values )

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◆ set_values()

pytest_userver.plugins.dynamic_config.DynamicConfig.set_values ( self,
ConfigDict values )

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◆ set_values_unsafe()

pytest_userver.plugins.dynamic_config.DynamicConfig.set_values_unsafe ( self,
ConfigDict values )

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Member Data Documentation

◆ _cache_invalidation_state


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◆ _changelog


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◆ _config_cache_components


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◆ _values


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