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manager.hpp File Reference

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Base class for propagating trace context information in headers.

Definition in file manager.hpp.

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class  tracing::TracingManagerBase
 Base class for propagating trace context information in headers. More...
class  tracing::GenericTracingManager
 Generic tracing manager that knows about popular tracing headers and allows customising input and output headers. More...


namespace  server::http
 Server parts of the HTTP protocol implementation.
namespace  tracing
 Opentracing support.


enum class  tracing::Format : short {
  tracing::kYandexTaxi = 1 << 1 ,
  tracing::kYandex = 1 << 2 ,
  tracing::kOpenTelemetry = 1 << 3 ,
  tracing::kB3Alternative = 1 << 4


Format tracing::FormatFromString (std::string_view format)
 Converts a textual representation of format into tracing::Format enum.
bool tracing::TryFillSpanBuilderFromRequest (Format format, const server::http::HttpRequest &request, SpanBuilder &span_builder)
void tracing::FillRequestWithTracingContext (Format format, const tracing::Span &span, clients::http::RequestTracingEditor request)
void tracing::FillResponseWithTracingContext (Format format, const Span &span, server::http::HttpResponse &response)