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storages::mongo::options Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Collection operation options.


class  AllowPartialResults
 Suppresses errors on querying a sharded collection with unavailable shards. More...
class  ArrayFilters
 Specifies an array of filter documents that determine which array elements to modify for an update operation on an array field. More...
class  Comment
 Sets a comment for the operation, which would be visible in profile data. More...
class  Hint
 Specifies an index to use for the query. More...
class  Limit
 Specifies the number of documents to request from the server. More...
class  MaxServerTime
 Specifies the server-side time limit for the operation. More...
class  Projection
 Selects fields to be returned. More...
class  ReadPreference
 Read preference. More...
class  RetryDuplicateKey
 Enables automatic one-time retry of duplicate key errors. More...
class  ReturnNew
 Specifies that FindAndModify should return the new version of an object. More...
class  Skip
 Specifies the number of documents to skip. More...
class  Sort
 Sorts the results. More...
class  SuppressServerExceptions
 Disables exception throw on server errors, should be checked manually in WriteResult. More...
class  Tailable
 Enables tailable cursor, which block at the end of capped collections. More...
class  Unordered
 Disables ordering on bulk operations causing them to continue after an error. More...
class  Upsert
 Enables insertion of a new document when update selector matches nothing. More...
class  WriteConcern
 Write concern. More...


enum class  ReadConcern {
  kLocal ,
  kMajority ,
  kLinearizable ,
 Read concern. More...
enum class  ForceCountImpl {
  kAggregate ,
 Selects count implementation to use: new aggregation-based or old cmd-based. More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ ForceCountImpl

Selects count implementation to use: new aggregation-based or old cmd-based.

Definition at line 265 of file options.hpp.

◆ ReadConcern

Read concern.

See also

no replication checks, default level


return data replicated to a majority of RS members


waits for all running majority writes to finish before read


no replication checks, may return orphaned documents if sharded; since 3.6

Definition at line 66 of file options.hpp.