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storages::mongo Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

MongoDB client.


namespace  bulk_ops
 Bulk sub-operations.
namespace  operations
 Collection operations.
namespace  options
 Collection operation options.


class  AuthenticationException
 Authentication error. More...
class  CancelledException
 The current task has been cancelled, e.g. by deadline propagation. More...
class  ClusterUnavailableException
 No server available to satisfy request constraints. More...
class  Collection
 MongoDB collection handle, the main way to operate with MongoDB. More...
class  Cursor
 Interface for MongoDB query cursors. More...
class  DistLockComponentBase
 Base class for mongo-based distlock worker components. More...
class  DistLockStrategy
 Strategy for mongodb-based distributed locking. More...
class  DuplicateKeyException
 Duplicate key error. More...
class  IncompatibleServerException
 Incompatible server version. More...
class  InvalidConfigException
 Config validation error. More...
class  InvalidQueryArgumentException
 Query argument validation error. More...
class  MongoError
 MongoDB error. More...
class  MongoException
 Generic mongo-related exception. More...
class  MultiMongo
class  NetworkException
 Network (connectivity) error. More...
class  Pool
 MongoDB client pool. More...
struct  PoolConfig
 MongoDB connection pool configuration. More...
class  PoolNotFoundException
 Nonexistent pool requested from the set. More...
class  PoolOverloadException
 Pool refused to satisfy connection request due to high load. More...
struct  PoolSettings
 Mongo connection pool options. More...
class  QueryException
 Generic query error. More...
class  ServerException
 Server-side error. More...
class  WriteConcernException
 Write concern error. More...
class  WriteResult
 MongoDB write operation result. More...


using PoolPtr = std::shared_ptr<Pool>


enum class  StatsVerbosity {
  kTerse ,


PoolSettings Parse (const formats::json::Value &config, formats::parse::To< PoolSettings >)
PoolSettings Parse (const yaml_config::YamlConfig &config, formats::parse::To< PoolSettings >)
PoolConfig Parse (const yaml_config::YamlConfig &config, formats::parse::To< PoolConfig >)

Typedef Documentation

◆ PoolPtr

using storages::mongo::PoolPtr = std::shared_ptr<Pool>

Definition at line 81 of file pool.hpp.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ StatsVerbosity


Only pool stats and read/write overalls by collection.


Stats with separate metrics per operation type and label.

Definition at line 18 of file pool_config.hpp.