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utils Directory Reference
+ Directory dependency graph for utils:


directory  impl
directory  statistics


file  async.hpp [code]
 Utility functions to start asynchronous tasks.
file  cpu_relax.hpp [code]
 Helper classes to yield in CPU intensive places.
file  daemon_run.hpp [code]
 Functions to start a daemon with specified components list.
file  graphite.hpp [code]
file  internal_tag_fwd.hpp [code]
file  lazy_shared_ptr.hpp [code]
 A lazy wrapper around utils::SharedReadablePtr that fetches the data on first access.
file  log.hpp [code]
 Algorithms to aid logging.
file  periodic_task.hpp [code]
 Task that periodically runs a user callback. Callback is started after the previous callback execution is finished every period + A - B, where:
file  text.hpp [code]
 Text utilities.
file  userver_info.hpp [code]
 Information about userver and its build environment.