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statistics Directory Reference
+ Directory dependency graph for statistics:


file  aggregated_values.hpp [code]
file  busy.hpp [code]
file  common.hpp [code]
file  entry.hpp [code]
 Header with all the types required in component header to use statistics (includes utils::statistics::Entry and forward declarations).
file  fmt.hpp [code]
 fmt formatters for various statistics types
file  fwd.hpp [code]
 Forward declarations for statistics entities.
file  graphite.hpp [code]
 Statistics output in Graphite format.
file  json.hpp [code]
 Statistics output in JSON format.
file  labels.hpp [code]
 Owning and non owning labels representations.
file  metadata.hpp [code]
file  metric_tag.hpp [code]
file  metric_tag_impl.hpp [code]
file  metric_value.hpp [code]
 The value of a metric. Only integer and floating-point metrics are allowed.
file  metrics_storage.hpp [code]
file  metrics_storage_fwd.hpp [code]
file  min_max_avg.hpp [code]
 Class for concurrent safe calculation of minimum, maximum and average over series of values.
file  percentile.hpp [code]
 Class stores M buckets of type Counter and allows easy calculation of percentiles.
file  percentile_format_json.hpp [code]
file  portability_info.hpp [code]
 Portability reports.
file  pretty_format.hpp [code]
 Statistics output in human-readable format.
file  prometheus.hpp [code]
 Statistics output in Prometheus format.
file  rate.hpp [code]
file  rate_counter.hpp [code]
 Atomic counter of type Rate with relaxed memory ordering.
file  recentperiod.hpp [code]
file  recentperiod_detail.hpp [code]
file  relaxed_counter.hpp [code]
 Atomic counter of type T with relaxed memory ordering.
file  solomon.hpp [code]
 Statistics output in Solomon format.
file  storage.hpp [code]
file  system_statistics_collector.hpp [code]
 Component for system resource usage statistics collection.
file  writer.hpp [code]
 Class for writing metrics.