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engine Directory Reference




 TaskWithResult creation helpers.
 std::condition_variable replacement for asynchronous tasks
 std::condition_variable state extended with "cancelled" state
 Internal representation of a deadline time point.
 Coroutine engine exceptions.
 std::future replacement for asynchronous tasks that works in pair with engine::Promise
 std::future state extended with "cancelled" state
 Provides engine::GetAll.
 Include-all header for low-level asynchronous I/O interfaces.
 std::mutex replacement for asynchronous tasks.
 Runs a payload in a temporary coroutine engine instance.
 Class that allows up to max_simultaneous_locks concurrent accesses to the critical section. It ignores task cancellation, unlike CancellableSemaphore.
 std::shared_mutex replacement for asynchronous tasks.
 A multiple-producers, single-consumer event.
 A single-producer, single-consumer event.
 Time-based coroutine suspension helpers.
 Component to monitor CPU usage for every TaskProcessor present in the service, and dump per-thread stats into metrics.
 Provides engine::WaitAllChecked.
 Provides engine::WaitAny, engine::WaitAnyFor and engine::WaitAnyUntil.