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components Directory Reference
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 Returns the most common list of components with runtime config updates and HTTP client.
 Returns the most common list of components to start a fully functional server.
 Convenience header that provides all the types for component implementation (components::ComponentContext, components::ComponentConfig). Prefer using a lightweight userver/components/component_fwd.hpp for component declaration.
 Contains components::ComponentBase declaration and forward declarations of components::ComponentConfig and components::ComponentContext, function components::GetCurrentComponentName()
 Class to retrieve other components.
 Forward declarations for components::ComponentContext and components::ComponentConfig; function components::GetCurrentComponentName().
 A list to keep a unique list of components to start with components::Run(), utils::DaemonMain() or components::RunOnce().
 Component for storing files in memory.
 HeadersPropagatorComponent and default components.
 Deprecated, use <userver/components/component_base.hpp> instead.
 Helper component to configure logging.
 Component that prepares the engine internals and starts all the other components.
 Returns a list of components to do basic logging, component initialization and configuration.
 Returns a list of components to start a basic HTTP server.
 Component for getting the engine::subprocess::ProcessStarter.
 The base class for all components. Don't use it for application components, use ComponentBase instead.
 Functions to start a service or tool with the specified config and components::ComponentList.
 Component that starts multiple single threaded task processors.
 Component that keeps a utils::statistics::Storage storage for metrics.
 Component for accepting incoming TCP connections.