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formats::json::parser Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

SAX parser tools.


class  ArrayParser
class  BaseError
class  BaseParser
 Base class for SAX parser. More...
class  BaseValidator
class  BoolParser
class  EmptyValidator
class  IntegralParser
class  IntegralParser< std::int32_t >
class  IntegralParser< std::int64_t >
class  InternalParseError
class  JsonValueParser
 SAX-parser for formats::json::Value. More...
class  MapParser
class  NumberParser
class  ParseError
class  ParserHandler
class  ParserState
class  StringParser
class  Subscriber
class  SubscriberSink
class  SubscriberSinkOptional
class  TypedParser
 Main base class for SAX parsers. More...
class  Validator


using IntParser = IntegralParser<std::int32_t>
using Int32Parser = IntegralParser<std::int32_t>
using Int64Parser = IntegralParser<std::int64_t>
using DoubleParser = NumberParser<double>
using FloatParser = NumberParser<float>


template<typename T , typename Parser >
ParseToType (std::string_view input)
template<typename T , typename F >
auto MakeValidator (F f)


template<typename T >
constexpr EmptyValidator< T > kEmptyValidator

Typedef Documentation

◆ DoubleParser

◆ FloatParser

◆ Int32Parser

Definition at line 49 of file int_parser.hpp.

◆ Int64Parser

Definition at line 50 of file int_parser.hpp.

◆ IntParser

Definition at line 48 of file int_parser.hpp.

Function Documentation

◆ MakeValidator()

template<typename T , typename F >
auto formats::json::parser::MakeValidator ( F f)

Definition at line 33 of file validator.hpp.

◆ ParseToType()

template<typename T , typename Parser >
T formats::json::parser::ParseToType ( std::string_view input)

Definition at line 158 of file typed_parser.hpp.

Variable Documentation

◆ kEmptyValidator

template<typename T >
constexpr EmptyValidator<T> formats::json::parser::kEmptyValidator

Definition at line 38 of file validator.hpp.