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postgres Directory Reference
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directory  detail
directory  io


file  cluster.hpp [code]
 Interface for executing queries on a cluster of PostgreSQL servers.
file  cluster_types.hpp [code]
 Cluster properties.
file  component.hpp [code]
 PosgreSQL client component.
file  database.hpp [code]
 Object for accessing PostgreSQL database instance (sharded or not)
file  database_fwd.hpp [code]
 Forward declarations of Database, DatabasePtr.
file  dist_lock_component_base.hpp [code]
 Base class for postgres-based distlock worker components.
file  dist_lock_strategy.hpp [code]
 Postgres distributed locking strategy.
file  dsn.hpp [code]
 DSN manipulation helpers.
file  exceptions.hpp [code]
 Postgres errors.
file  message.hpp [code]
 Database messages.
file  null.hpp [code]
 NULL type.
file  options.hpp [code]
file  parameter_store.hpp [code]
 Class for dynamic PostgreSQL parameter list construction.
file  portal.hpp [code]
file  postgres.hpp [code]
file  postgres_fwd.hpp [code]
 Forward declarations of some popular postgre related types.
file  query.hpp [code]
 Holds a query, its name and logging mode.
file  result_set.hpp [code]
 Result accessors.
file  sql_state.hpp [code]
 PostgreSQL error codes.
file  statistics.hpp [code]
 Statistics helpers.
file  transaction.hpp [code]
file  typed_result_set.hpp [code]
 Typed PostgreSQL results.